The Junior Thespians Competition Submissions


Evan Tucker, Reporter

Junior Thespians, for those who don’t know, represent the best actors and actresses on campus. Lately, they’ve been working on a project for state competition. Here were some of their submissions, that range anywhere from short-film to singing.

Gabe Paredes (8) : Theatre Marketing

“I did Theatre Marketing for the Thespians Competition, and I did it on “It’s a wonderful life. We had to do everything from the budget, posters, programs, all of the stuff that goes into making a marketing plan, and present it to the judges. A part of the marketing process that I really enjoyed was making the poster because it was a way to express my creativity on something that will actually be seen. Making the shirts was one of my favorite parts as well because it was one of the top selling shirts at canyon vista. My least favorite part was presenting because I am not good at presenting, so… It was just an experience that I would do again.”

Ben Fox (8): Monologue

“In the Junior Thespian thing I did two monologues, and it was fun. I didn’t like that I had to do two monologues because I obviously cared about one more than the other one a lot more than the other, and I got a lot of work on one, and on the other, I didn’t get much work done, I and I just put it aside. If there was only one, I feel that I could’ve had more time to do work on it and really have an equal amount of heart into each monologue.”

Baker Tuthill (8), Oliver Barnfield (8), and Evan Tucker (8): Short Film

“While we didn’t have the best equipment, I think we made up for in the story. I (Evan Tucker) did camera work, and I learned a lot about angles and shots and it was fun to add a story in the film without doing any big acting parts. I joined in late, I suppose, but it was a lot of fun to work on a horror story. I know that we tried to be different from your casual film, so we made it more like a scary movie the stick out from the others. I didn’t like, however, was the restrained amount of time. I feel that if the group and I had at least one more day of work we could’ve fixed up some scenes that needed improvement, or such.

Nash Baines (8): Musical

“I liked that I could go sing for competition. I sang Albus. I didn’t like the wait and what we did after. We didn’t do anything afterward.”

Jack Scales (8): Playwright

“I wrote a play about killing people. A LOT of people. Mass murder. It had no title and I didn’t need to do anything at the Thespian Competition, so I’m kind of useless actually. I really liked that I got to stay home one day at school to write it, which I had a lot of fun with. It was like creating my own little world. I didn’t like all of the writing, but the play was long.”

These were only some of the people working for Junior Thespians, so there’s still a lot more to cover. I hope you got a little inside look at what some kids were doing at our school.