Intense Emotions


Middle school can be an intense era for students. Dealing with these emotions can be so hard that bad actions come about. Coping skills are crucial to living a healthy (physical and mental) life during these three years.

Some common feelings most teens have are anxiety, depression, and stress. Some factors of causing these emotions could be being swamped with homework, having no friends, being made fun of or embarrassed, not getting work done on time, and having a hard time understanding the academic material. There are many more but these are just a few examples to paint the picture.
These emotions could be caused by yourself or by people you are surrounded by. But what you feel is ultimately your decision. So here is how to cope with these feelings, so you can enjoy this time period instead of always feeling blue.

Get some sleep
By getting reasonable hours of solid sleep every night your body with be replenished and rested. You will feel strong and your emotions won’t seem so intense because you have given your body the recipe for success and happiness.

Talk to someone
Whether it is your teacher, counselor, parent, or friend let someone know how you are feeling. It is important not to keep these emotions inside to pile up. By talking to someone you will lower stress levels and be able to get solutions to your problems that might be causing these feelings.

Have some quiet time
By focusing on your breathing(meditating or taking deep breaths), your body will naturally calm itself down and refocus your energy in a positive direction. This is a great way to clear your mind and get into a better headspace.

All of these emotions are normal but they impact your life in such a major way. So having coping skills is a good way to keep these emotions low. Of, course everyone will have at least one of these feelings throughout middle school and even life. Know that you can talk to someone, and try to get solid sleep. If things start to get out of control take a few minutes to get yourself together by breathing and having some quiet to let your mind be free.