My Love of Calvin and Hobbes



Andrew Watson, Reporter

If you are either an  I N T E L L E C T U A L , or just saw the caption image, you already know all we are about to take a trip down NOSTALGIA LANE boys and girls!

Calvin and Hobbes was easy to say, the best comic strip I read in my childhood. Foxtrot was good too, but I really didn’t discover that until I entered middle school. But as I was saying, Calvin and Hobbes WAS my childhood. It was amazing because it was only for INTELLECTUALS. And… that actually led to some difficulty in my 6-year-old brain trying to figure out what it meant when “Your Self-Actualizing Anima is Being Impacted By Toxic, Co-Dependent Dysfunctionality” But  IS very funny now that I look back on it. For example, in one comic, Calvin is bored in class, so he screams, “THIS IS A BIG, FAT, WASTE OF MY TIME!” And the last panel shows him bursting out of the principal’s office screaming about “The Thought Police.”

And even though I didn’t understand any of the jokes back then, I still found the comic hilarious. The amazing facial expressions of Calvin, and the intricate titles the books had, literally EVERYTHING. Who wouldn’t love a book about a kid and his tiger fighting demonic snow demons? Who wouldn’t love a book where a kid steers his parent’s car into a ditch and flees for the border?

W H O  W O U L D N ‘ T  L O V E   A  B O O K  W H E R E  a kid and his tiger duplicate themselves, then have their duplicates ruin their entire lives?

I cannot stress this enough. This book was EVERYTHING. The visuals, the wording, stories, the imagination, every single thing. If you haven’t read this excellent comic series, that you do, trust me, you won’t regret it.

Here are a few strips reviews the messages, beauty, or just plain silliness of this comic.

Calvin and Hobbes was truly unique, a diamond in the rough if you will. If you dismissed it as nothing but stupid kids stuff, give it another chance.