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Why Plastic is Bad

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Why Plastic is Bad

Raghuram Paturi, Reporter

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Plastic is getting in our ocean more and more and that is a fact that we noticed. A lot the scientists say that the ocean can’t hold it anymore. Today’s question: Why should we not use plastic and is it a big problem today in this world?

Why plastic is bad?

So you may ask why we should not use plastic? Because of plastic, animals and birds die easily because they don’t know what is it and they eat it and if they still survive but they can’t eat anything because of the plastic in their stomach. Another problem of using plastic is if you try to burn the plastic it will not work because of air pollution. And then it will be almost three times more than normal air pollution.

So how we can stop avoiding plastic?

So they are only a few ways to avoid plastic:

1) Stop using plastic because they are no ways that plastic can decompose.

2) Do not throw plastic in the oceans because it can spoil our seafood.

3) Try your best to not buy plastic bags in stores or restaurants.


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