What Is Dark Matter and Does It Exist?


June Jung, Reporter

The Big Idea

Dark Matter is an idea that humans came up with to fill the empty void of space with at least – something, but the big question is what is it? No-one on planet Earth knows what dark matter is, but lots of scientists intend to find out. Dark matter has recently been accused of being a liquid, and some people have accused dark matter of being not existent at all.

The Theories

One man (who wasn’t even a physicist but a marine biologist) came up with an idea of how gravity, relativity, and motion all worked together to create a  solution, that makes more than sense. Some scientists have agreed with this man but there are still other suggestions floating out there. Every time someone comes up with a new idea about dark matter, it always seems more plausible. The only problem is that we don’t know which theory is correct.

Black Holes

Dark matter (according to some scientists) is everywhere and there are endless possibilities and theories that we have no way to test. Unfortunately, there is no way to get to dark matter, for it is outside of space – pure black. It has no stars and no light can escape into it. Yesterday (April 10th, 2019) the first photos of a black hole came out. It looked sort of like a black circle (Obviously) with a ring of light around it and a line of light through it. Black holes are dark matter. Think about it – they are literally a black hole. They look like this because the gravity of the black hole is so so strong, that the light actually bends around it and starts to ‘orbit’. To see more about what I mean check out this link: https://youtu.be/e_ouNnbLmic. Black holes have finally been proven existent, but there is still the question of dark matter.