Choice Sheets Due Friday, Feb. 15


Evlabia Konstantinou, Reporter

It’s that time of year time to make decisions that could (slightly) impact the rest of your life. The time where the decisions in the air create a thick smog of possibility. Choice sheets. They can make or break the up the coming year a class might have a description that sounds interesting you sign up excited for the new year. You go to school with your new clothes excited to learn something new. You take one step into the class and you know that this is what you want to do for a living. Or that this is a blow-off class. Many of you have probably already turned in your forms, but for those of you still on the fence about what classes you should take. I will explain each class you can take (excluding current 8th graders ).

Sixth Grade options (going on to Seventh grade)

Band: Develop ear training, individual and ensemble playing skills, tone production, and music reading

Orchestra: Same description as a band except for different instruments

Choir: You sing and compete in competitions

Theatre: They perform plays and learn acting skills

Art ( fee required): Students design, develop, and create art.

Those are all the choices you had last year but know there are new options.

Gateway To Technology  (fee required): This hands-on class includes math, science, and technology.  Students will use their creativity and hands-on skills to complete projects in these various areas.

Yearbook (letter required): In Yearbook you design…… the Yearbook. Learn graphic design and photography skills.

Newsmedia (letter required): The best class ever and every seventh and eighth grader NEEDS to take newsmedia. You write articles make and be in the announcements. Hello, that’s all I want from life.

Leadership: This course trains students to be knowledgeable in conflict resolution and effective speakers.

Languages: If you didn’t start in sixth grade, you can begin in seventh. Your choices are German, French, Chinese or Spanish.


Seventh Grade options ( going on to Eighth Grade)

Same thing as last year except for this year you have the option to be in Pre-AP Us History. in Pre-AP it is the same as normal U.S history except for you write more. You can also be a Student Aide, Student Aides assist a member of the campus staff. Computer Science Fundamentals of is a new class to study computer science. Students will foster their creativity and innovation through the opportunity to design.

That’s it and that’s all.