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Birthday Memories

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Birthday Memories

Aliyah Carter and Mehak Mehmi

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When is your birthday and favorite memory of your birthday?

My birthday is March 28 and my favorite memory is on March 28, 2018, because I went to Jumpstreet. All of my friends, cousins, and family came. We played fun games like Dodge ball and tag on the trampoline. We jumped until the trampoline park closed. We took a lot of pictures and ate a lot of different things like cake, candy, and pizza. Whenever I played dodge ball with my cousins they throw very hard. They play like I am a boy. But overall I really loved my birthday party because it was really fun.

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Aliyah Carter, Reporter

Aliyah is a 13-year-old and a very outstanding girl and is very creative. She thinks outside the box. She loves sports especially Basketball and Track....

Mehak Mehmi, Reporter

Mehak Mehmi is a kind, friendly, and funny seventh grader. She likes playing volleyball but did not get on the team this year because of life. She is a...

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