Where Do All These “Lil’s” Keep Coming From?


Andrew Watson, Reporter

One thing we have seen in the 2017-2019 era is 18,000 rappers under the name “Lil ____.”. And it’s safe to say, we all have no idea where these rappers with the name “Lil” keep coming from. Or how they just magically start existing. I would say the only memorable rapper out there (Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complimenting anyone, rap music is still not my favorite) is probably Lil’ Pump, And 6ix9ine, for his infamous jail sentence. Anyways, back on to the subject.

Where do these rappers come from? The answer is SoundCloud. That one website that use to popular until it just suddenly died on the spot. This decrepit website became home to all these rappers that no one knows, such as Lil Xan, Lil Zay, Lil Ice, Icy Narco, Lil Uzi Vert, And Playboy Carti. (I probably just triggered 70 percent of everyone reading this article by listing all these rappers as irrelevant. But, to be fair, it is true.)

So, SoundCloud. Why SoundCloud, of all things? My guess would be because SoundCloud is a place that really doesn’t have any guidelines, (Unlike YouTube’s overly strict guidelines *WHEEZE* ) Also, on top of that, SoundCloud used to actually be a good place to make and publish music (I know, sounds crazy, right?) So they are just following the bandwagon of how to be famous. The best (worst) part is that they are essentially copying each other! Because all these guys want to be “The Next Big Thing,” they all directly copy each other over, and over, and OVER again, until you can’t even tell the difference between their songs at all!

So, here’s my final opinion. SoundCloud rappers are bad, and should STOP trying to be famous and be original for ONCE. Maybe, Just MAYBE, I would listen to a rap song. Emphasis on a rap song. A. As in SINGULAR.