Entitled Parents

Colin Johnson, Reporter

What makes parents or their kids think they are entitled to something? For kids that’s easy; their parents have been telling them that they’re entitled to anything they want all their life, but why do their parents tell them that? Social status? Conditions of themselves or family? Who knows, every person has different reasonings, different experiences. But the way these ‘entitled’ parents or kids act in public usually ranges from brat-like, to downright abusive towards a [typically] random person. This behavior is unacceptable in today’s societal standards, and to end these problems we must find where they take root, and well…. uproot them.

Before we find where these problems take root, we must first decide what actions should and shouldn’t be acceptable in public. I think that a parent should decide how to reward and punish his/her kids, but there is a point where things cross the line. Usually, entitled parents don’t punish their kids when they are in the wrong, and instead, attempt to reward them in a crude, twisted way, most commonly by harming the victim in some way (there’s always a victim). I find it fine that they don’t punish their children for things that they do, but when they attempt to commit illegal actions (for example, a kid really wants something a random guy has, and so the entitled parent demands that he gives it to the kid. The guy says no, so the entitled parent attempts to steal it.) it’s kind of obvious that’s crossing the line.

We can never know every persons’ reasoning for entitlement, but we can have an idea of a few reasons. First off, money. People with lots of money (especially growing up with it) are used to being pampered and having whatever they want as soon as they want it. Due to this, they often act outrageously. Secondly ‘pain’. Now when someone has a family member in the hospital, or a family member dies, or something like that, they tend to feel entitled. Don’t get me wrong they ARE entitled to space and respect, but not to something like free things. They tend to say ‘well my dad just died, so give me that toy for free’ or something like that, even though they aren’t entitled to that. Finally, some people just think they’re entitled, just because they are!! No reason at all, it’s just ‘I exist, so I’m entitled to something’ These are the most frustrating people to deal with.

For now, we should just try and derail situations like this calmly and attempt to be rational, and hopefully, these crazy people will catch on soon enough.