Garfield And The Tale Of Two Kitties

Lets just start this off. If anyone of you be hating on my boy Garfield, I will find you.


Lets just start this off. If anyone of you be hating on my boy Garfield, I’ll personally have you assassinated. Anyways, lets cut to the chase. This movie is easily the BEST movie out there. I Don’t care what Rotten Tomatoes has to say about it. THAT’S TWO GARFIELDS ON ONE SCREEN! HOW CAN YOU NOT WANT THAT?

Anyways, lets cut to the reason i’m reviewing this movie: ThE fUnNy JoKeS! No, The jokes weren’t that funny. I laughed approximately ONE time watching. But we all know the REAL reason I watched this movie. THE PLOT. I think by reading the title, you can probably tell what it’s about but Garfield has a twin who’s, like, the king of England, and they switch places by accident and BOOM, SUCCESSFUL MOVIE (Well, maybe not, judging by the 11% on rotten tomatoes. But PFFT. Who CARES about them?) Anyways, Lemme just pull up the plot on Wikipedia or something. *Wikipedia Search.*I found it. However, If you haven’t read or seen any Garfield propaganda, this will make no sense. So, be prepared for confusion.

So, In order to propose to his girlfriend, Liz, Jon goes to the UK with her on a business trip, and Garfield and Odie, Garfield’s dumb companion, decide to tag along with him. However, Garfield’s has a lookalike who is a prince (Who’s name I have forgot.) Who the queen left all the property to (Typical Cat Lady, Huh?) So the prince is like “I ain’t having this!” And yeeted Prince-Catperson into the river.

So Jon finds Prince-Catperson, and thinks he’s Garfield, and vice versa. So the REAL Garfield gets taken to the palace, and prince sees him, and is like “Great, now I gotta kill you again.” And tries to. But Garfield trips him up and manages to escape. Meanwhile, Prince Cat-Person is adjusting to the REAL world, Liz and Jon go to the castle, because, why not? It’s a castle, and it’s open for tourism! They find the REAL Garfield and the prince takes Liz hostage, but blah, blah, blah, Prince Cat-person gets the property, instead of the actual prince, and Liz marries Jon. HAPPY ENDING.

It got some pretty low ratings on some movie rating websites, but hey it isn’t all that bad. If you want to, you can watch the movie, and you might actually enjoy it. BUT ONLY PRO-GARFIELD COMMENTS IN THE COMMENT SECTION OR YOUR’RE GETTING BLOCKED REAL QUICK, BOY!