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Did the Moon Landing Really Happen?

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Did the Moon Landing Really Happen?

Janani Sivakumar, Reporter

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Mankind first stepped on the moon on July 20, 1969. It’s been over 50 years. Why hasn’t there been another moon landing? Why does NASA not plan on sending people back to the moon? Was it because it was fake?

There have been many conspiracy theories about the moon landing being fake. But could it actually end up to be true?

Out of all the Americans that have been surveyed, around 20% of Americans say that the moon land was fake. Among these people, Golden State Warrior, Stephen Curry thinks that the moon landing was fake. Ever since he said that NASA has been trying to prove him wrong.

Out of all of the conspiracy theories, many say that there were no stars in the photo that the astronauts took when they were on the moon, proving that it was fake. Another reason why they had the landing staged was that they wanted to win the Space Race. The Space Race is a competition between nations regarding the achievements they made in the space field.

There might be some logical reasons why people think the landing was fake, but NASA has been piling evidence proving that the landing was real.

For all the people who asked where in the universe are the stars…(no pun intended) experts say that the contrast between light and dark was extreme, and therefore could not be seen with the human eye. Whatever in the world that means, they still have more proof.

In one of the conspiracy theories that are out there is that there was a photo of a rock that was labeled with the letter C. Usually props are labeled so stagehands know where to place them. But the label wasn’t there. The original photo did not have the letter C. They said that while the photo was being copied a thread or a piece of hair must have been stuck. I’m not so sure about a hair or a piece of thread would shape out exactly to be the letter C while it was getting copied. Seems kind of weird. Check out this website to see the pictures.

When the Apollo crew had successfully completed their mission, they brought back rock samples of the moon’s surface. That makes the whole moon landing thing seem legit and all, but who knows. It could be just as fake as everything else.

After reading all the crazy conspiracy theories and all, I’m starting to believe that the moon landing was fake. I mean the conspiracy theories were actually believable enough to make me think about this. Let’s be real. It’s been over 5o years and they haven’t sent any astronauts back to the moon. Why?

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Janani Sivakumar, Reporter

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2 Responses to “Did the Moon Landing Really Happen?”

  1. Lyla Boretz on March 9th, 2019 9:29 pm

    why? the apollo mission was literally just america and russia trying to one-up each other during the cold war. there was no motivation for scientific advancement back then and the political tension before doesn’t exist anymore so even if we have that motivation now why would we go back to the moon if we have the technology to study it from here?

    also nasa simply doesn’t have the budget anymore (19.6 billion dollars now compared to the >100 billion it would take to launch another mission) since the president likes his military big n strong (600 billion dollars). I’m getting carried away but there are sooo many articles on the internet that have strongly debunked a conspiracy as ridiculous as this one.

    and don’t forget the fact that the only rocket parts capable of launching a rocket to the moon are drifting through space rn and it would take a looooot of time and money to make em again lmao

  2. Raghuram on March 13th, 2019 9:52 pm

    I think the moon landing was real but why they didn’t send people to the moon because it takes billions and billions to go on the moon and why didn’t they send anyone one from past 50 years of the first moon landing. Because NASA was racing against the Russian space agency to be the first one to land on the moon, so the share that the U.S government gave to NASA was 10% now it is 2%

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