Famous April Fools Day Pranks


Silas Ou, Reporter

April Fools Day, (also called, All Fools’ Day) you either get pranked, are scared about the possibility of being pranked or don’t care because you believe you’ll never get pranked. However, throughout history, thousands of people have been pranked into believing some outrageous things with HILARIOUS results. Here are some of the ten most funny pranks I could find on the internet, both old and modern. To give credit all of these hoaxes/pranks were discover on the Museum of Hoaxes, an organization dedicated to documenting hoaxes. For your information, all of these events occurred on April 1st.

The Left-Handed Whopper


Finally, we must find the origins of April Fool’s day. Oh but, wait, I just remembered, the Airpods thing is fake. Get pranked! And no I’m not going to explain the origins of April Fools, someone else can discuss the origins of April Fools.