The Big Gap – Between the People and the Industry

The Big Gap - Between the People and the Industry

June Jung, Reporter

An Intro to the Industry

People run this world, and the world is built on the back of the economy. If the economy falls, the world falls – into devastation. The economy is run on businesses, sold goods, services, and trade. People buying and selling their products, exchanging money, and swiping credit cards, are all part of the economy. But for a minute, let’s swap back to the industry. The industry depends on the owner of the business and what they decide to do with their money, and how that affects their buyers and the community around them.

For example, when a bakery is starting up – that effects the other bakeries in the area. They could either lose or gain customers, depending on the new bakery. If the bakery was fancy and had the best pastries, then it would raise the number of customers and lower the customers of the other shops. Though if the new bakery’s pastries taste yucky and their store is unhygienic. It would probably not even affect the other stores or bakeries in the area. If it did, it would lower their customers because they would not want to come to a dirty smelly area. Even if the new bakery was, in fact, nice, it might even add customers to other stores if it was too crowded.

Why There’s A Gap

Though the industry is built off of human creations. There is still a big gap between us controlling it and it going all off on its own. Why do you ask? No-one knows. We almost had yet another great depression in the year of 2008, but the U.S.A. avoided it by just printing more money. Good save, but you can’t outrun it forever. Next time, if you printed more money the value of store items would decrease and eventually they will have no value at all. This would result in the U.S. government with a whole bunch of money and it wouldn’t even be able to buy anything, no-one would. Resulting in a very very long depression. We need to learn to control the economy.