It’s Assistant Principal Week!

It's Assistant Principal Week!

Mehak Mehmi and Aliyah Carter

The National Association of Elementary School Principals and the American Federation of School Administrators have declared the week of April 8-12, 2019, as National Assistant Principals Week to honor and recognize the contributions of assistant principals to the success of students in schools across the country.

We have our very own great assistant principals at our school. Here is what a few students had to say.

“Ms. Gutierrez is really nice and kind. She talks to us at lunch and expresses her feelings. She is also a lot of help around the school. Ms. Gutierrez solves her problems like a counselor.” -Kavinaya Venugopalsamy (6) and Elizabeth Streety (6)

Mrs. Gutierrez











“Mrs. Ramirez is nice and good at her job. She’s cheerful all the time and helpful. She’s also really pretty.” -Tasneem Akram (7) and Neelima Nair (7)

Mrs. Ramirez











“Mrs. Voigt is super nice and she helped me out when there was an accident. She’s really easy to talk to you and very understanding.” -Silvia Ciacci (8)

Mrs. Voight
















Thanks for all you do!!