Is Living By The Coast Good For You?


The Coast

Recently, I went to the Yorke Peninsula in South Australia. Every morning I would take a walk down the beach to clear my mind and to smell the beach and hear the waves crashing against the shore.

Then I wondered if it actually cleared my thoughts or if I just believed it to. The salt in the air seemed to help me inhale, and the waves seemed to relax me. So is this my brain playing tricks on me, or is this fact?

The Research

Dr Natasha Bijlani, a consultant psychiatrist who works at the Priory’s Roehampton Hospital in London, said that, “Sea air helps you sleep because it  generally has clean and fresh air, with higher levels of oxygen.” She also says, “The sound of waves can be very soothing to the brain. If you relax, this can help clear the mind, lower stress levels, and strengthen your immune system.” Other scientists also seem to say that those who have fond memories of seaside holidays, are more likely to associate the environment with feeling rested and happy. Therefore a nice walk by the beach every morning couldn’t hurt, it could only help.


Though, I do have another question. Does it matter where you are, or which coast you’re visiting? Bijlani says it doesn’t, unless maybe you have a personal connection with a certain place. For me, the ocean gives me a feeling of vastness, like it can wash my problems away. It gives me a sense that says no matter how big my problems are, I am one of many and it shall pass quickly, a sense of no matter what happens I will always be here.

A Poem in Perspective of The Sea

No matter what happens I am the sea,

I will be here day and night,

and your problems won’t change a thing.

I am the sea, big and almighty,

no matter the tide I will always be feisty.

Calm Surroundings

So even if you don’t live by the coast – listen to waves on or get some candles that smell like the beach and I promise you, it can and will give you perspective and calm your busy life.