Fast Food Frenzy


Americans are no stranger to a big brand restaurant. Everyone has stopped at a Burger King or two but have you ever stopped and thought, “what am I eating?”

In a study done by the FDA, only 1 in 7 people knows what they’re eating. 50 million Americans eat fast food every day.

Foul Fake Flavors

Fast Food giants are geniuses in coming up with a way to cut corners & make their food still taste good. Blue 1&2, green 3, red 3, and yellow 6, sodium benzoate & potassium benzoate are just a few of the toxic chemicals that are linked to terrible diseases found in fast food. In 2014, scientists found yoga mat chemicals in delicious Subway bread! This chemical is called azodicarbonamide and is awful for you, no matter how many yoga classes you take! It makes you want to rethink that “eat fresh “sandwich. A group found this out with a bunch of other terrifying facts! In April of 2014, Taco Bell came out to the public saying the meat is only 88% real meat! Many other fast-food chains from across the country have spoken up! Did you know that you could get hundreds even thousands of beef from different cattle in your burger? That’s disgusting!

Frightening Finds

There are lots of terrifying tales of people finding unwanted surprises in their meals!

In 2006, 71 people were hospitalized because of the E-coli found in Taco Bell’s lettuce! In July of 2017, an 18-year-old employee found excessive mold in the ice cream machine! Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver exposed McDonald’s in a controversial episode of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, referring to a “pink slime” ingredient found in McDonald’s chicken tenders! Shady! Now let’s taco ‘bout some scary sightings. Katherine Ortega, a mother from Ohio, found a fried chicken head in her kids’ chicken nuggets! She told the Daily Press, “I noticed it had a beak and it had eyes. I screamed.” I would say too! Just Nasty! A four-year-old girl by the name of Lola found a band-aid in her french fries! Disgraceful! In 2015, Kailynn Roland found an acrylic nail in her Taco Bell! That’s Nacho fingernail! These mishaps happen more often than you think! A man by the name of John Agnesini claims that he was nearly cut when he found a knife baked into the bread of the cold-cut 12-inch sandwich he bought at a Subway in New York City. He knew his lunch didn’t taste right! The 27-year-old says he was horrified to find a 7-inch serrated blade in the bread. He says it was protruding into the half of the sandwich he was about to start chomping on and that it “could’ve slashed” the side of his mouth. Let’s say if your sandwich tastes like metal throw it away! What if you found one of these things in your happy meal? Now I know not to eat my lunch before looking at it first!

Why would you eat that?

It’s all in the marketing. Kids want fast food; teens want fast food, young adults want fast food, adults want fast food, even elders want fast food! That’s because it’s everywhere! You can’t drive down a highway without passing 10 drive-thrus. You see your favorite stars with Domino’s pizza in there left-hand a vlogging camera in there right!  Have you ever seen a popular soda brand in your favorite movie? It’s not a coincidence; it’s a marketing technique! Companies pay millions of dollars to get actors to enjoy their beverage on camera! They do this to make their product look “cool” because “cool” people drink it!    It starts young with seeing a commercial with a bright red box with a big smile & a toy!  Big brands know the second you bite their burger you’re a diner for life.

Consider a cut-down

39.6% of Americans are overweight, and it has to do something with the  750,000 eating chipotle every day! When fast food had just been released, the portion sizes were small. Small hamburger, 15 french fries,& a 6-ounce drink were a typical meal. Now you can get a burger stacked with three patties, cheese, drenched in thick ranch & dripping with artificial grease. The bun is 150 calories alone! A large fry & a 60-ounce cup of cola. It has to do something with the health problems American citizens face. Do you know how many green straws & plastic cups are swimming in the ocean? Try 1,000 tons! I am not pointing fingers, but the green coffee mermaid says it all! There is so much plastic that goes into the packaging; it is bonkers! Since the portion sizes are way too big, so much food is wasted & rotting in a dump!

So no more snack stops?

This article wasn’t to scare you. It is a stop sign reminding you to rethink the ranch, turn down the turnover & make healthier decisions with these facts in mind to give yourself a healthier lifestyle. So don’t pass on the milkshake, take a sip instead of a gulp. Know what you’re slurping down!