Minecraft is Coming Back


I’m sure you’ve all heard of this, but just in case you haven’t, here it is: Minecraft, the game coming up on its nine-year anniversary, is making a resurgence! Earlier this year, Fortnite started to get fewer and fewer searches on google, while Minecraft has been getting more!

Minecraft was already coming back on its own, and then, Pewdiepie, a YouTuber with 100+ million subscribers, started making videos on it. Lazarbeam, another YouTuber with 11+ million subscribers, also started making a Minecraft playthrough. Quite a few other YouTubers, some big(up to 12 million subscribers!), some small (a 100k subscribers), started going back to Minecraft, with the occasional video or two a week.

Another pretty big part of the Minecraft resurgence was Minecraft Monday. This was an event, hosted by Keemstar(a popular person on social media and YouTube, his channel on YouTube is called Drama Alert), in which several teams of two YouTubers that want to participate, compete in series of different minigames to win the prize of $5k, or $10k. The event is played in a way where each minigame gives a certain amount of points, from surviving in hunger games to getting items in bingo. This event happens every Monday, at varying times in the afternoon. Only 1st place gets a prize.

I don’t think anyone expected Minecraft to come back so soon, and so suddenly! Minecraft surely is making a huge comeback and will be the biggest game once again.