Lara Spencer’s Comment Shakes Up The Dance Community

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Was it a joke?

Last Thursday, Lara Spencer, co-anchor of Good Morning America commented Prince George liking ballet that shocked viewers and had everyone up in arms. Both sides wondered what she meant by her comment and were alarmed by the laughter from both the audience and herself. After seeing the amount of schooling, the young Prince does she stated, “Prince William says Prince George absolutely loves ballet. I have news for you, Prince William: We’ll see how long that lasts,” after she waited for the audiences’ reaction she added, “I mean, he might!”

Her insensitive comment opened the doors for what became a movement for dancers everywhere. The dance community went on to say she crossed a line and that they wanted more than an apology. On the opposite side, many people didn’t think this was anything to get worked up about. Was she joking? Including a few people online saying that just because some people are mad doesn’t mean everyone should be mad. One of her coworkers on GMA pointed out that she apologized, so what is everyone’s deal? But to the public this comment wasn’t just something current, it is a comment that undoes the progress made on acceptance. Saying it’s weird or even unnatural for guys to do ballet. So if it was a joke, a mistake, or just ignorance, no matter how she meant it to come off, it surely had an impact.

The apology

The short apology she later posted was not enough for social media. Lara apologized and said she was ‘deeply sorry’ for what she said, even though it seemed ABC was trying to cover their mistake. Gene Kelly said, “do better.” And many people echoed that statement. Lara seemed not to understand the bravery it takes to be in dance as a male dancer. So when she sat down with three male dancers, she was taken aback by their stories. Fabrice Calmels said, “ Children should be entitled to experience things without being bullied.” And he was right.

What should we take from this?

Our words have an impact. What was a response to a segment turned into people discussing bullying. Some people might have found it silly, but it has importance in the dance world. Some major dancers, choreographers, and students have questioned Lara Spencer’s intentions. Travis Wall led a class right in Times Square, that didn’t just make it a few people’s issues but a social media and community issue. All I can say after writing this article is that dancers male or female, have the right to express themselves, and do not need extra ignorance, hatred, or a comment that will make them feel alone.