AREA 51 RAID “They Can’t Stop All Of Us”


A wildly popular Facebook joke about “storming” Area 51 inspired plans for an enormous alien-themed party in the Nevada desert.

Area 51

Area 51 is a secret air force military base in the Nevada Testing Range. Area 51 is home to numerous conspiracies, most of which involve aliens. The government didn’t acknowledge it was a base until 2013.

Why Are People Deciding To Raid Area 51?

It started as a facebook event and over one million people said they were going on Sept. 20, 2019. Their motive is to “See them aliens” and “They can’t stop all of us”. The facebook event originally started as a joke but people actually started getting serious. The creator of the facebook event advised that no one would actually go to Area 51 but instead, to a small town outside of it.

The Battle Plans

The people raiding Area 51 plan to outrun the bullets by Naruto running “If we Naruto run we can outrun their bullets.”

Naruto runers



To sum it up, a whole lot of people want to raid a military base just to see some aliens.



Don’t raid Area 51, the government is willing to use force, that could result in injury or death, to keep people out.