Full House! – Rescuing nearly a 100 dogs from Dorian


You have probably heard about the Category Five storm (at the time) creating death and despair in the Bahamas, but a woman in the Bahamas has got the four-legged citizens in check. Chella Philips has housed 97 dogs in her home, sheltering them from the hurricane. None of them tried to escape, they knew about the trouble brewing outdoors.

Home Sweet Home…

…Not. Phillps could not take one step without accidentally stepping on a dog, that’s how crowded it was. She kept 79 of them in the master bedroom. She said that even though her whole home was covered in droppings and urine, none of them even dared to jump on her bed. “[They] welcome the newcomers with tail wags because they know they are their brothers and sisters in suffering on the streets,” Phillips wrote in a tweet. She has been helping the island’s dogs for a long time already, but this was a new high. In another shelter in the Bahamas, more than 100 cats and dogs drowned because of how they didn’t get cared for properly.

Outdoor Help

Even if she was good with dogs, she still needed help from the states. She received crates and other supplies from people who wanted to help her cause and for the more scared and anxious dogs, she kept in her home. She also received many supplies like food, training pads, and blankets for the dogs. She also got lots of support and many money donations too. She kept her followers updated about her time with the dogs and she also will rehome the dogs as soon as the hurricane flees the Bahamas.

Disaster Strikes

Just when the dogs got snug because of how safe it was in the home, Hurricane Dorrian had other plans. In a few days of being safe and snug, Phillip’s house flooded! There were no casualties in the home, but 5 in the area the Hurricane was. But she only saved a small amount of the dogs in the Bahamas. There are nearly 65,000 dogs on the island, some sick, abused, and some hurt, so 100 is just a fraction of how bad this issue is.

Phillips founded a shelter in the Bahamas named, “The Voiceless Dogs of Nassau” where multiple dogs are kept safe from the outdoor rain and traffic. In her shelter of 200 dogs, Phillips doesn’t use her outside help, she is, as her whole shelter says a “one-woman band”. She still likes when she gets outside help from other people but she still is very independent. In her home, she blasted calming music and kept the air conditioning on, as well as play some cartoons on her TV. “I still can’t let the dogs out of my house” she said in a blog post, if you want to help her indirectly by making a donation for the 97 dogs she is still sheltering and want to see how the dogs are doing in her house, visit her website for the Voiceless Dogs of Nassau. Visit her website to learn more.

Please respect and help any strays you find by going to your nearest shelter and dropping them off. Don’t keep them unless immediate danger is present.