Yearbook, behind the cover

Yearbook, behind the cover

Yearbook is graphic design, writing, photography, and teamwork. It’s a disciplined class and quite social as well. You get to interview tons of students along with working in groups to put together your spread. A spread is two pages that face each in a spread covering one event. For example, the first pep rally. Now when some people join this class they think it’s about hanging out with your friends and getting very few things done.  Those folks learn really fast that that isn’t how this class really works. 

“I was expecting this class to be easy because I was a seventh-grader and thought that I wouldn’t have to do a lot of work. I also wanted candy for my birthday,” Campbell Hardin (8) said. Ms. Sharpe hands out candy to students on their birthday and for those who have a summer birthday, she gives it to you on your half birthday. She is now in her second year in Yearbook and is a spread manager.

You learn the discipline of deadlines and communication skills while working within groups. You also learn a few of the Adobe software programs. There is so much that goes into making the yearbook that the whole first six weeks are spent just grasping these concepts and more.  

“I was expecting to learn a lot about photography and writing profile stories,” Caelyn Swendner (8) said. Swendner is in her first year in Yearbook and is still learning the ropes.

Management also plays a role in this elective. We have spread managers and editors who overview your quality and speed of work. These roles are special and given to those who get their work done well, are responsible, use their time wisely, and are given to somebody Ms. Sharpe can trust. 

“It is nice to have control and oversee what is happening on the spread,” Ellen Chuo (8) said. This is her second year of yearbook and she is savoring the moment of being in charge as a spread manager.

The reason why I think it is important to share the works behind the beloved yearbook is that the staff doesn’t get much recognition. I want others to know how hard the staffers work., which is represented in this article. All in all, Yearbook is a class that takes effort, commitment, and responsibility.