7 foods you HAVE to try

Try these fantastic ten foods you have to try from all around the world.

Teen Vogue

1. Try these burgers that are dipped in loads of nacho cheese at Burger Point in Sydney, Australia.

2. Have a 22 scoop sundae with waffles, strawberry, cool whip, strawberry Pocky sticks, chopped pears, whip cream, and red and pink pudding. You can try this 22 scoop sundae at MO & MOSHI in Bangkok, Thailand.


3. Try Junior’s cheesecake that is very creamy and rich with a buttery and flaky crust that is to die for! have this at Juniors in New York City.

4. Have a 2-foot long pizza slice that is so cheesy and will melt your mouth with flavor. Have this in Pizza Barn in Yonkers, New York City.

5. Have a cotton candy burrito stuffed with ice cream and sprinkles surrounded by blue and pink cotton candy. Try this in Creamberry, Las Vegas.


6. Try this tasty treat. Have your parents ever told you that you could not eat cookie dough because it may have raw egg in it? Well, problem solved! Go to DŌ in New York City to have many different flavors of cookie dough scoped into the form of ice cream. One example of cookie dough you can have there is the Nutella chip, which contains a cookie dough base with chocolate chips and Nutella.

7. Try this pineapple split with soft pineapple serve. It is a whole pineapple cut in half served with a layer of pineapple fruit chunks on the bottom and creamy, precious pineapple smooth help on the top drizzled with cherry and pineapple syrup completed with cherry from Dole Plantation, in Honolulu, Hawaii.

These foods are so amazing and to die for. I would recommend stopping by these places if you get the chance and try these tasty treats.