Game Review: The Sims 4

Game Review: The Sims 4

Many people know of the game The Sims 4. It is a game where you control a “Sim” and live their life. You can become a parent; you have challenges in everyday life, similar to real life. The game has received mixed reviews since its release, with the majority of criticism directed towards its lack of content and how inaccurate it is. I partially agree, but there are many expansion packs and game packs that add a level of fun and new abilities. The game was made by a company named EA, and you can get the game on Origin, which is a game company, or you can get by a DVD either online or in person.


For a game with a price point of 40$, it has comparable graphics. The “Sims” can look very similar to a human. They have many clothing options that resemble what we wear in regular life. Characters can make individual choices based on chosen personalities. They make facial expressions when their needs are not fulfilled. Saying that the game glitches quite a bit. Also, the game can be a bit grainy.


To have in-depth experience in Sims, you most of the time need to have DLC, which stands for downloadable content, which costs real money. Do not confuse this with in-game purchases, which are spending real money on game money or clothes. Also, the game is a one time purchase with no adds. The game purchases are either expansion packs, which are the most extensive and most expensive game packs, which are the middle ground with the middlemost amount of content, and stuff packs, which are the smallest in price and content. Expansions are 40$, game packs are 20$, and stuff packs are 10$. There are other ways to add content and not pay for DLC, which is CC or custom content. CC is fan-made stuff, for example, hair or wallpaper. They can add a more realistic part to the game, like having hair that you can see the strands of hair.

Overall Review

If I could recommend this game to people, I would. I enjoy being able to build to my heart’s content, play around with different sims that I make. I mainly enjoy building In the Sims 4 if that is for you, then I would recommend it.