Game Review: Overwatch

Game Review: Overwatch

Hello, and welcome to another Game Review! This one is about Overwatch, a popular and loved game (although the community is somewhat toxic). Several reasons make Overwatch excellent and evil. Overwatch is a game in which you have a ‘hero,’ and there are two teams. Each team has six ‘heroes,’ and two of them are tanks, two of them are damaged, and two of them are support heroes. Each category has several different heroes with different abilities, weapons, ultimate abilities, and health. It is best to go and see all the characters for yourself, so we will list our favorite heroes from each category and explain why!


Joaquin: I like D.Va because of her combat versatility. She has high health, a ton of useful abilities, and even a last resort second life mechanic. Her ultimate is very powerful when used correctly, and for plus points, she’s hot.

Akaash: I think Reinhardt is fantastic! He is a melee character, one of the few melee characters, but he has a ton of health and can dash, ramming people into walls, and has a shield that blocks in the direction Reinhart is looking. His ultimate is very useful, as it is a ground slam that stuns enemies. Overall, when played right, Reinhardt is a mighty team player.


Joaquin: Aah, this one is tough! I’m going to have to call it a tie between McCree, Ashe, and Junkrat. They’re all just so much fun to play! Ashe is entertaining because of all the cool tricks you can pull off, like coach gun air snipes and dynamite group kills, Junkrat I am good with and find super duper fun, and McCree is just so much fun to play the lone wanderer making kills here and there. I wish I could narrow it down to one, but I really can’t!

Akaash: On the contrary, I love Hanzo! I play other characters since everyone loves Hanzo and plays him, but there’s a good reason! Hanzo uses a bow, which is super easy to use. He deals excellent damage with good aim, and I have a fantastic aim, so I love using him for that. One of his abilities makes the next arrows he shoots shoot instantly, at reduced damage, and his other ability allows anyone within a certain radius of the landing zone glows, allowing people to find them. He can dumble jump and wall climb, which helps traverse the map. His ultimate is very scary; it summons an arrow with two dragons circling it. Each dragon deals 150 damage per second, making them very powerful and not easy to dodge.


Joaquin: AAAAAHHHHH!!! I love every single support character (except Brigitte, kill Brigitte). I have to say that I love Moira and Mercy and Lucio, of course. Moira is super fun, and Mercy is the best healer hands down. (But Mercy’s gun is so op if you can land headshots with it.) Lucio is just entertaining overall with his speed up and heal ability and his boop.

Akaash: I LOVE Lucio. Lucio is amazing! He has “music,” which is essentially an aura. It can either be healing or speed, depending on what you have it set on. His weapon is a burst, shooting in bursts, but it is durable, and I have gotten Play of the Game with it. He has two normal abilities(and can wall climb), one of which boosts the music a decent amount for a bit, and one of which knocks back anyone close by(boop!). His ultimate is very scary, and takes the current health you have, and multiplies it by a certain amount. Anyone on your team that can “hear” your music gets affected, and if you have, say 200 max health, it goes up to 1000, then goes down proportionately. So if you lose, say, 200 health at that moment, you end up with 160 health. Honestly, a fantastic ability in the heat of battle, and can turn the tides. Some heroes can take D.Va’s ultimate under this buff, at peak health.

So those are our favorite characters from Overwatch! Hopefully, that gives you some insight into Overwatch as a game, and what to expect. There are far too many heroes to list them all; sadly, otherwise, this article could be extremely long.