Therapy, Beneficial or Not?


Therapy is a way to relieve stress, solve personal issues, and help with coping skills. Therapy has been talked about before as a positive thing but some people also might find this concept of talk therapy silly or ridiculous. So as someone who thinks therapy is a truly beneficial service I am going to learn about why others might view it as laughable in addition to the reasons why it can be helpful. 

So let’s start out with some advantages to therapy. Talking with a trustworthy and highly qualified therapist can be the first step in creating a safe environment for the client so that way they open up. Once that is set and stone the client will feel comfortable digging up deep struggles they’ve dealt with. They will also then start talking about past issues and current anxieties. This will help them over the long haul of their life as it will lift the boulders they were carrying before they started. It will also offer them a greater toolbox of coping skills for future situations. 

Other benefits to talk therapy include having your physical aliments alleviated too. Mental disorders such as two commonly found in teens anxiety and depression can lead to physical signs of feeling ill. You can experience symptoms like headaches, stomach aches, and dizziness in anxiety and fatigue and lack of appetite in depression. So by learning coping techniques and possibly getting a medication these disorders can not be taken away completely but managed.

However, there is also a counter-argument. If the client and therapist aren’t a good fit the client won’t feel comfortable and the therapist won’t be able to help in their full potential. If the client is not honest or truthful with their situations they won’t grow or solve their issues in the most efficient way usually. 

A lot of people have a fixed view of therapy. Thinking that it can only be a success or failure. But the truth is healing deep-rooted conflicts can take time and a lot of emotional energy. You have to want to heal, grow, and learn. It takes you to willingly help yourself in addition to therapy sessions. What your therapist does is offer guidance in situations not wave a magic wand and make the issue disappear for good.