What do students think about our lunches vs other countries lunches?



A regular school lunch will vary between states, some may be nicer than others. If you want to read about our school lunches vs other countries go to, School lunches in the U.S.A v.s other countries

We are here to see what the students at our school think. Whether they think the US has better lunches than other countries. Or if other countries have better school lunches than the US. We asked a few students if which they thought had better school lunch options.

Rebbecca Gephart(7), “Other countries have better lunches. I’ve seen pictures of what they have for lunch and it is stuff like nice pasta.”

Kalea Mims(7), “Other countries because they look better in pictures.”

Dakota Hodge(6), “Canyon Vista, has better lunches because we have many options and don’t always have to eat the same thing.”

Alicia Westland(7), “Canyon Vista has better lunches because there are more options. When I used to live in France and they only had one food option.”

Charlie McCreery(7), “The Canyon Vista has better food to buy for lunch because we have freshly bought and kept warm food not homemade food that is cold or something.”

Rima Vudutalapally(7), “I think that Canyon Vista has better lunches because they have store-bought food and we have lots of options.”

We then asked them whether they brought or bought lunch here at Canyon Vista.

Rebbecca Gephart(7), “I bring my lunch because it is healthier.”

Kalea Mims(7), “I bring my own lunch because it tastes better and is healthier for you.”

Dakota Hodge(7), “I mostly buy lunch because I don’t have very much time to make a lunch.”

Alicia Westland(7), “I do both because sometimes I don’t have enough time to make a lunch.”

Charlie McCreery(7), “I bring my lunch some days and buy lunch on other days. I do this because sometimes I forget my lunch or didn’t make one.”

Rima Vudutalapally(7),  “I mostly buy lunch but I also sometimes bring my own lunch to school, because I don’t always have time to make a lunch or I just feel like buying lunch.”