The Most Used Pokemon

The Most Used Pokemon

There are just some Pokemon we can never get enough of. Whether it is because of its fresh design or its battle statistics, we can’t stop. It was tough, but these 12 Pokemon are ones that are most popular or most used.

1. Charizard

This Pokemon is most used, having two mega evolutions, a gigantamax form, two Tag Team Pokemon cards, being the Sword/Shield champion’s main Pokemon, as well as a huge fan base. Is it too used, though? It is one of the first Pokemon to even be in the Pokedex, so lots of people know that beautiful fire/flying type. But of course, it’s not a dragon type.

2. Pikachu

This is obvious, it’s the Pokemon mascot, it’s Ash’s first Pokemon, and everyone knows it. Also, every generation has had a spin-off of this Pokemon, Dedenne, Pachirisu, Togedemaru, etc. to name a few. It’s also one of the sweetest looking Pokemon with those long ear-things, red cheeks, and adorable tail. It has been the star of every Pokemon movie and episode, and the star of two video games.


Who doesn’t love fat cats? What about a Pokemon version of it? This Pokemon is something every player has when they become champion or just randomly.  It took it 20 years to stand up, but it lies down again for its gigantamax form. It’s a good barrier Pokemon, shoots hyper beams out of its eyes, and it only stands up when it gets provoked. How useful

4. Dragonite

This Pokemon is not only a fatter version of Charizard, but it’s also a cuter version. It’s also a mail service Pokemon. There’s also a gigantic version of it in one of the first few Pokemon episodes. It’s also a “Champion” Pokemon of Lance’s in all the Kanto games. This Pokemon is pretty well in battle, and you can make great movesets and parties out of it. It’s also a pseudo-legendary in many Pokemon games.

5. Salamence

Well, it exists. Its popularity is behind it looking like a real dragon, and it also has great battling statistics. Compared to Dragonite, though, it’s faster and less bulky but doesn’t have as diverse of movesets as you can have with Dragonite. It’s also a pseudo-legendary in multiple games

6. Tyranitar

This Pokemon is pretty useful when it comes to a battle with its strong moves and high defenses, as well as it’s cold but strange design. It also has unique typings and is based on the Japanese “Godzilla.”

7. Mewtwo

This Pokemon has multiple movies over it and is famous for being the first mythical, and for being in so many movies, it’s prevalent. It has great movesets and even an armored form which has been teased in a clip and Pokemon GO

8. Eevee

Cute and adorable, as well as what seems like Pikachu’s counterpart, Eevee is a fun Pokemon. It has nine evolution choices and has diverse and fun movesets, as well as a game dedicated to it. It was also in Pokemon XY’s Serena and is a fun Pokemon to evolve.

9. Corviknight

Though Corviknight is new in the Galar region, it’s still solid and has a beautiful design. It’s easy to get since it’s pre-evolution in the first route of the game, and since it and wooloo seem (to me) the most appealing to get in that route. Your rival soon gets one, but it’s still a great sidekick in double battles and a great defender too.

10. Silvally

Did you know that this Pokemon was supposed to be the God of all Pokemon before Arceus? It’s cool ability to change out its type, like Arceus, with items makes it pretty useful in battle, even if there is one move that depends on its disc. It’s also my favorite Pokemon.


This Pokemon is also new, but it’s also a pseudo-legendary(stats are close enough to a legendary or to be like one). It has a neat and beautiful design, dreepy to dragapult, and it can also learn great moves of a variety of types. It has a fading tail and is based on a plane.

12. Metagross

A Pokemon that’s heavily used in Pokemon GO as well as the Pokemon games since Hoenn. It’s design if fine and so are it’s evolutions. It also has a mega form and is also the Hoenn champions main Pokemon.