The Chaos and the Cuteness of Slime Rancher

The Chaos and the Cuteness of Slime Rancher

About the Game

Slime Rancher is a casual, feel-good type game. It’s just a fun exploration game. There are some achievable goals, but it’s all good fun. So you’re a girl named Beatrix on a planet that’s called The Far Far Range, which is filled with many different types of slimes. You can grab them and put them into corals, which are slime storage. You also need to feed them the right food so that you can take what they leave after eating(Plorts) to get more money and contribute to your gadget making adventures.


The quality and experience of gameplay surely depend on your device, I played it on my old laptop, and it was very glitchy and laggy. I play it with my new device, and it was perfect. Also, you need to pay for it, but enough technical stuff.

The tutorial had also gone ways from when I first started. It takes you to step by step on what you can do in the game before who get on your own.

The game is very well detailed and is pretty cute. It has an excellent color scheme and is something that I’d never forget playing. There are so many cool keyboard functions that you can miss like F for Flashlight, M for a Map, and Q to push slimes away.  You can also play this game on so many devices like your PC, X-Box, PS4, and even in VR!

Also, there is a mustache island and a mustache for your slimes. Don’t forget that. It’s hidden somewhere in the world, but it is a fun detail that people love to find.

Rancher Risks

Of course, there is a bad guy – The Tarr. If a combination slime (Largo) eats a plort left after eating some other slime, trouble will arise. Of course, you can stop the Tarr with water, but you have to do it quickly, or else it will eat every slime nearby and you. But then you, and everything else will respawn, just without whatever you were carrying with you.

Other dangerous slimes are meant to be vulnerable. Some slimes will spawn sparkles that will burn you if it starves, there slimes that you cant step on, a slime you can’t even get close to without radioactive poisoning, and others of the sort.

New updates also bring along multiple dangers. There are ERROR ERROR slimes that came out last June that is glitch version Tarr for that update. There are feral Saber Slimes in an area called The Wilds. A race-type update brought along speedy slimes that will become static after feeding them electricity.

Did I mention that the sea is dangerous? Just submerge yourself, and you get knocked out.

Should you Buy it?

I think that this game is worth the buy, but that’s just me. Answer these questions to see if you’ll enjoy this $20 game.

  • Do you like cute things?
  • Do you like relaxing games?
  • Do you like exploring aspects of games?
  • Will this be your first video game(this a good one to start with)?
  • Do you like scenic games with a lot of detail?

If you answered yes to most of these questions, you should buy the game or at least see if it’s worth buy watching some YouTubers (not too many, don’t spoil the game for yourself!).

I honestly am in love with this game. It has so many cute things in it and makes you feel in the game with its first-person perspective. I even get scared when I would wake up to see Tarr in my ranch! I love how there are updates that add life to the NPCs and the world as well. Oh, and the Christmas events are also fun additions to play in. This is the game I always play when I don’t want something too hardcore to play and need to breathe.