Most Popular Dog Breeds And What They Are Known For

Have you ever heard the saying, “a dog is a man’s best friend”? Well, today I am going to be talking about the 3rd most owned pet in the US, a dog! This article consists of some of the top 10 most popular dog breeds people own in the US and what they are known for.

10. The German Short Haired Pointer is the 10th most owned dog in the US. The German Pointer, aka, the “perfect pointer,” is known for its certain position when seeing prey. This Pointer puts one foot up and is known for its sharp tail that points directly outward from their body. These dogs are excellent to take hunting because they will show you where to find what you are hunting for by raising one paw and pointing their tail in a distinct direction. These dogs are chocolate brown with small white spots on their backs and sometimes the top of their heads.

9. Yorkshire Terrier. The Yorkshire terrier is the 9th most owned dog in the US and is known for a few things. Yorkies were used during WWII to get animals out of their dens. Smokey, a famous dog, was used to run through pipes and string communication wires under a former Japanese airstrip. Smokey served in 12 missions and earned eight battle stars. Yorkshire Terriers are tiny and trustworthy. These dogs are tiny and usually light brown with wavy hair.

8. The next dog breed is the Rottweiler! The Rottweiler is known for its intelligence and guarding instincts. Long ago, these dogs protected people and things from robbers and wild animals. These dogs are also perfect for pets. They are very nice and will cuddle up near you. If you ever need a guard dog, Rottweilers are very good to have. These dogs are medium-sized and typically black with light brown patches near the mouth and eyebrows.

7. Poodle! The poodle can range in sizes of a teacup to a few feet tall. The poodle is very intelligent, and they are great swimmers. These dogs were and still are commonly used for bird hunting. These dogs can have colors ranging from white to peach or even silver! Their fur is very fluffy and curly. Traditionally, poodles have a cut of pompoms around the ankles to protect joints and vital organs from freezing water.

6. The sixth most popular dog in the US is a Beagle! The Beagle is very ancient, and sources do not know much about this breed, but they do know that the Beagle was Queen Elizabeth’s personal favorite. The Beagle is known for being a great fox hunter all over Britain! I would think twice, though, about putting this dog in an apartment. They are known from the French as “loudmouth.” Meaning, they bark a lot. Though this trait is not good for a small house setting, it can be beneficial when hunting. A Beagle has a white stomach and a big orange patch along its back as well as a black patch along its back and forehead. These dogs typically are 20-25 lbs.

5. Bulldog! The Bulldog was originally bred to compete in Bull baiting. Bull baiting dogs are dogs who would attempt to flatten themselves to the ground and creep near a bull and bite it near the nose or head area. Typically in the 13th century, England’s bulldogs would go in packs and Bull Bait. These dogs are commonly mistaken as mean, vicious, or angry. In reality, classified by the American Kennel Club, these dogs are friendly, courageous, and kind. The Bulldog is white with large patches of brown around its back.

4. The fourth most popular dog in the US is a French Bulldog! These dogs were bred in England to be companions. These dogs are sweet but come with some consequences. Most French Bulldogs have trouble swimming and reproducing. Though these dogs have some faults, the French Bulldog is small and very nice for a pet. These dogs are small and appear chubby. They can come in many colors, but typically they are found a light tan color. These dogs are also known as Frenchies!

3. Golden Retrievers! Golden Retrievers are known as the family dog. These dogs are easily trained and cheerful. Golden retrievers are also great at sports. Once a Golden bred in Dallas held five tennis balls in his mouth at once! Golden Retrievers are medium sized-large dogs. Like their name, they are golden in color and have very soft, long, golden fur. If you are looking for a family dog, a golden retriever is an option to look at.

2. The third most popular dog is the German Shepherd. Many German Shepherds are known as police dogs. Yes, German Shepherds are commonly used as “police dogs” because of their loyal and dedicating traits. These dogs are great for training because they will do anything their masters tell them or teach them to do. These Native German dogs were first known as the “Shutzhund,” which translates into, protection dog! These dogs are large and have soft and long golden hair with black on their face and back.

1.Finally, the most owned and popular dog in the US is the Labrador Retriever! Also known as the Lab. Since 1991 the Lab has been the most owned dog in the US. Labs like the Golden Retriever are known to have a family-friendly vibe. They are great if you have little kids, or to cuddle up with. These dogs love to swim too! Scientifically found, its actually in their DNA that Labs love to swim! These dogs are also compared to angels because of their cream-colored, soft fur. These dogs are medium in size and have floppy, cream-colored ears!

Now let’s hear from some Canyon Vista Mustangs about their favorite breed of dog.

Dakota Hodge- “My favorite dog breed has to be a Boston Terriers because I have one, and they are adorable with their chubby little faces.”

Isabelle Horonzy – “I like labs the best because they are big and sweet.”

Yash Lalwani – “My favorite dogs are German Shepherds because they are big.”

Yang-Fan Chao – My favorite dogs are Chihuahuas because they are psycho.”

These dogs are all great as pets, but some may fit better than others for your family. All of these dogs love to take walks, so if you happen to get a dog of these breeds, make sure it gets lots of exercise and eats a healthy diet! Most importantly, before getting a dog, make sure you can commit to having the needs and making the time for your dog! Believe it or not, 47% of dogs who get adopted, get surrendered by their owners. If you want to adopt a dog like one of these, I recommend first going to many shelters to look for the dog you desire. Shelters are saving pets, so that is helping the environment more. Although, if you want a dog of a certain breed, you can go to a breeder and get a purebred dog, most likely with the characteristics of the dog(s) described in this article.