TikTok, the Addiction

TikTok, the Addiction

Social media apps are continuing to grow and ever since Tik Tok, a whole new world of careers and form of social media has been opened. 

Tik Tok has gained popularity extremely fast. It is the most downloaded app in the app store along with over 33 million downloads. The majority of the apps users are teenagers. They are like every social media app celebrity. In this case they are called “TikTokers” kind of like “You-tubers”.  These celebs that basically run the app are around ages 15-24. From attractive boys making girls fall for them over screen to comedians to the trend setting dancers. 

There are many types of creators and content on TikTok and this app can make you lose track of time. Each video is either 15, 30, or 60 seconds. You could set a time limit for yourself and by the time it’s up you will be shocked at how 10 minutes felt like 3. 

The crazy thing is the impact these famous creators have made to a lot of people. They are just humans who posted a certain kind of content that gained a following, met each other and from that became even more popular. So, when followers meet them they act like they are meeting the president. 

TikTok has many benefits to sharing important information, making someone laugh, and can give anyone the chance to blow up and go viral. But the downside involves becoming so easily addicted to the app. You lose sleep, waste time for exercise, homework, and face to face social time. My best all around advice for this social media app is one I would give to all the others, not to delete or hate on it. But use it in moderation. 

Since this app has grown so fast in the past few months, it’ll be interesting to see where TikTok stands in years time.