Wearing masks at school, good or bad?

With school starting soon RRISD has to double down on its enforcement of masks.


Masks are becoming a part of our every day lives during this pandemic. RRISD has put forth a rule requiring masks on all RRISD property, including schools.  This was due to the new health regulations the Texas department of health has put into place to combat the Coronavirus Pandemic. While masks in schools might be inconvenient, they also might be as vital as anything you could bring to school.

Student opinion is mostly pro mask. As one student Lily Yang put it, “Masks can be uncomfortable but they’re necessary, and anyone who doesn’t wear them isn’t being safe” illustrating the love/hate relationship most students have with masks. Another student Harrison Malinger had a lot to say about the matter, including “Masks are really important now because we are in a time where it can very dangerous to interact with others as we did before.” The pandemic has really shaken up our lives as individuals, and with students and teachers going back to school, it is going to be a lot different for them. That creates another aspect of their lives that has been altered because of the coronvirus pandemic.

In interviews with over thirty students not one person said masks should not be used in schools. Although there was some annoyance and worry towards certain aspects of school. Jose Fernandez, a football player said,  “I think normally yes, we should wear masks, but not during gym, it is too hard to run.” There are going to be some difficulties managing masks in schools, but we won’t really know the affects until school starts back up next week. Leaving everyone wondering how the school is going to handle this new way of life.