Welcome to the Canyon Mr. Patrick

A little bit about our new ELA teacher!


We have some great new staff on campus this year! One of those new staff member is Benjamin Patrick (Mr. Patrick), our new 8th grade language arts teacher! Canyon Echoes asked him a few questions about himself, and his responses are great!

Q: Where did you grow up?

I grew up in a small town in northeast Georgia.

Q: Where have you taught in the past?

This will be my 5th year as a school teacher. I’ve taught in Atlanta GA, Chicago IL, and Round Rock/Austin TX.

Q: Where did you receive your education?

I received my bachelors degree from the University of North Georgia.

Q: How do you feel about Canyon Vista so far?

I like Canyon Vista so far. The other teachers I’ve met are pretty cool and the students are excited about starting school.

Q: Have you taught any other subjects besides language arts?

I taught Social Studies in the first two years of teaching. I love History but I just love ELA a little bit more.

Q: Do you have anything important you want people to know about you?

I am excited about what the year holds for students and teachers here at the Canyon. WOOOOOO!


Mr. Patrick we are so lucky to have you here at Canyon Vista and I hope your first year here is as perfect as I know Canyon Vista is! Welcome to the Canyon!