RRISD Has Not Addressed the Lack of Social Interaction at School

How it is affecting students’ mental health.


Social interaction is something we all need. If it is hanging with friends or even just at school, being able to interact with one and another is important. Since online school has become the more popular choice among students and parents recently  (only a little above 100 have gone back) a lot of students face the same problem-the lack of social interaction. Google meet has no one on one breakout room like Schoology, but the one on Schoology (Big Blue Button) has lots of problems.


I know firsthand about the desire to be able to see your friends, and without it, I feel alone sometimes. The rate of teenagers committing self-harm during quarantine has increased drastically because it is easy to feel alone in these uncertain times. It is a lot better now that we can sort of interact with our classmates via online learning, but like I said that is only to an extent. A lot of school is being able to see the people you hang out with, laugh with, and work side by side with. Without that, you can become sad, lonely, and even worse. I would like to just say this, it is going to be okay. I have felt the same way but you will get through this pandemic, and see your friends.


It is also very easy to get bored during online school. When you are in person you can socially interact with your classmates, whether that be by whispering or just a quick chat before class. Now everything you do, the teacher can hear, and even if you get to class early the teacher is always going to be there to see what you are saying, no privacy for small conversations like you would have at school. The learning aspect of online school is a lot better than it was at the end of last year, but RRISD has not addressed the problem regarding the ability to speak with your classmates during lunch, P.E, etc.

While it is hard to connect with your classmates during school, there are always methods for chatting outside. Ask a student for their Google Hangout, their phone number, or their Discord. If you are unable to do so, have your parents come in contact. There will always be problems, but it is up to us to solve them.