Playing Modded Minecraft with Friends

Minecraft is a very fun game to play with your friends vanilla but once you get some mods for it everything changes


You get on your computer after a day of schoolwork and all you wanna do it play some video games you get on Minecraft a world filled with imagination and wonder but after a while you get bored you say to yourself man I want a challenge I want cool stuff. That’s when mods come in, do you want dragons and a hardcore tough as nails experience well we have rl craft. Do you just want a somewhat normal vanilla experience so it’s like normal Minecraft just with a little extra that’s where quark comes in Do you want tech and going to space that’s where tekkit comes in. But what if we combine all that into one with a little extra what if we created a fantasy world with dragons and creatures but also added the modern world with tech and spaceships and anything you can imagine. That is where dungeons dragons and space shuttles comes in and that will be what I’m talking about today.


What is Dungeons Dragons and Space Shuttles?

Dungeons dragons and space shuttles is a mod pack for Minecraft it combines a ton of mods and makes it into a different Minecraft experience. This mod pack combines fantasy mods that add tons of new creatures items and mechanics with tech mods that add things like spaceships and other planets along with a much more advanced crafting system that uses technology and more modern items. this pack is the exact opposite of what Minecraft is but it still feels like its Minecraft which I love.


What does this have to do with friends?

My friend Milos brother Xander who is in 7th grade owns a Minecraft server he will usually swap the pack for another one and this time they did dungeons dragons and space shuttles so I thought I would collect some interviews on what people think of the mod pack and why it’s so fun. I will start off first I love this pack because it has something for everyone so that means everyone does there own little thing I really wanted to become a farmer and help us get food so that’s what I did I created a huge farm and a pen for our cows now this isn’t a normal farm like what you would have in Minecraft you have to feed your cows and make sure they have water which I think adds a lot to my experience instead of all that I do is breed them and then slaughter them when I need food I have to take care of them meaning that its a daily thing I have to do. which adds a lot to my experience and I think a lot more people can agree with that.

What do people think

I asked milo and ryan what they thought Milo said ” DD&SS is definitely my favorite modpack right now. It combines so many of my favorite mods like Tinker’s Construct and Immersive Engineering into a hardcore, long lasting, progression based pack that I just really enjoy playing The vast tech expansion and recipe changes are also amazing and immersive since i’m really into that. And its just a really hard pack.”, ryan said ” Its a very good modpack that’s harder than normal minecraft and its very fun with friends” and xander said ” I don’t really like it because it seems to slow and complicated”.


I think modded Minecraft is super fun and all you need is a computer with a good amount of ram and Minecraft if you wanna try it make sure you get the technic launcher which is a Minecraft mod pack launcher/installer here’s a link to it so if your interested go and download it.