Opinion: Keemstar is a Train of Toxicity Who Needs to be Stopped

The Most Toxic Youtuber out there.

Opinion: Keemstar is a Train of Toxicity Who Needs to be Stopped

Keemstar is a popular gossip YouTuber who runs the show “Drama Alert” where he spreads rumors and gives his analysis on drama happening in the entertainment business. Keemstar was not always this way though, he was originally a genuine gaming YouTuber who had a lot of subscribers until he became irrelevant, and he began to worry. To become the top of the YouTube food chain again his only option was to fill a niche. The only thing he thought to do was become a toxic, outrageous, gossip YouTuber who gets followers by being loud. He needs to be stopped, what he does a says becomes far too much for a genuinely pure community of YouTubers.

The Etika interview

Etika was another popular YouTuber who had recently decided to come out about his mental illness affecting the way he saw himself. Being the hot topic of the time Keemstar decided to have Etika on his show for an interview, and he did something terrible. He went after Etika like he was a war criminal, and not a victim of mental illness, going even as fay as implying he was faking it. He wasn’t. Not long after Etika took his own life. It was one of the most terrible tragedies in the YouTube Community, and on the same day of his death, why the community mourned, Keemstar hosted a self-promoting live stream, after many YouTubers asking him to postpone. His response on Twitter was one of someone who did not care. He proceeded to say he did not know Etika, so he does not have to change his own plans, and then promoted the live stream.

The Clickbait

Clickbait is something YouTubers do to encapsulate viewers to their video by lying about the content in the video. His video titles contain mostly untrue statements about the subjects of his videos. Some of them range from saying a Content creator was arrested by the CIA, to false claims of a disease. It is interesting titles like those that catch the eyes of a viewer, but they are not true. If he wanted to actually be a YouTuber for his fans, and not for the money, he would not have to hide behind such a toxic persona.

His constant attacks on other Creators/false claims

Most of the things Keemstar says is completely untrue. He just says them for attention, and to look for attention. Keemstar needs to be removed from YouTube for not only that but for attacking his fellow creators. The worst one by far is when he said he could not wait to report on a Youtuber with terminal cancer’s death, saying it would be good for his content. That right there is pure hate and has no place on youtube. Most of his videos include false claims about another YouTuber mostly consisting of illegal activity. One elderly twitch streamer was accused by Keemstar of being a child predator, even though no evidence of that was at all present. The streamer later stated he received death threats from Keemstar’s fanbase, and he thought his family was in danger.

He needs to be stopped

My final call to action is this: Remove him from YouTube. He spreads hate, lies, and speculation, all of which are part or are implied to be not allowed in Youtube’s terms of service. If YouTube cannot see this, then we as the public need to convince to see it. He attacks, harasses, spreads hate, and false claims and Doxing (releasing information about other persons’ location, and private information). Doxing can lead someone to call in a bomb threat or a hostage situation to an innocent YouTubers house. All of, these things are terrible, and he may deny them all.