Should We Return To School?

I think that we should play it safe. We should stay and do virtual learning from home.


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Front view of African american boy using laptop while drawing a sketch on book at home

The return to on-campus school is inevitable, no doubt. In fact, a lot of us want to return to school, personally, I find it’s much easier to focus in a school environment than in my room, or even my house. People are starting to accept COVID-19 and are just going about their everyday lives, but not many people seem to take it nearly as seriously anymore. It’s still a dangerous virus that can claim lives and has claimed over a million so far.

I think that we should play it safe. We should stay and do virtual learning from home. The Coronavirus has become a part of everyday life now for sure, but it’s still a thing that can and will kill people, and a place like a school is the perfect place for it to spread. Of course, there’s the problem of parents working. If they’re at work, they can’t monitor their child. I understand that we should be considerate of them too. But a lot of parents already trust their children enough for them to do school from home, and a lot of jobs have become virtual now as well.

If we’re going to fully integrate into on campus, at the very least I believe we should do it either mid or late next semester, in order to let time for planning and getting students who are already there used to it. Not to mention hopefully, COVID-19 will subside, at least a little bit, in order to make school safer. With such a cramped campus like school normally is, the virus will spread fast even with all safety precautions taken, and it is definitely something to worry about.

All in all, I’m both excited and worried about the full on-campus school. There’s a good chance that we won’t even get it this school year, which would probably be the safest option, but students are getting restless and starting to feel the difference between virtual and on-campus school.