Pokemon’s New Crown Tundra, Better than Isle of Armour?

The short answer, YES!

Pokemons New Crown Tundra, Better than Isle of Armour?

Pokemon finally released their second DLC after the Isle of Armour, Crown Tundra for Pokemon Sword and Shield. After playing through both, I can say that the Crown Tundra has been a huge step-up to the Isle of Armour. Keep in mind this is all my opinion and your entitled to your own.

Why I like they Crown Tundra more

I honestly enjoyed the Crown Tundra because it has more exploration aspects and fun things to do as you progress in the story-line. The whole map is so beautiful and after meeting one of the NPCs, you can unlock many different things to do as you explore, like finding little footprints to chasing down the galarian legendary birds. The main storyline for Calyrex, one of the new legendaries, surprised me at many points and it was pretty funny! I still have to finish the other storylines involving the Sword of Justice (Coballion, Virizion, and Terrakion), the galarian legendary birds, and the Regis but so far they are very fun. There is also a fun font introducing the names of each of the quests which made me laugh because of how dramatic they look. We also get easy ways to get legendary Pokemon through raid dens! Raid dens also have increased shiny odds making it a great place for shiny-hunting. The max lair is also such a fun thing to do. You get some rental Pokemon and find really good raid bosses to fight. I’m not a fan of too many battles but it’s still so fun!

The Isle of Armour as the Pokemon Company stated it’s about training your Pokemon and making them good fighters, which isn’t my favorite thing to do. I usually just over-level my Pokemon and sweep through the storyline so I don’t focus too much on strategies to battle which is what the Isle of Amour is supposed to do. I have seen many people who do enjoy the battles in Pokemon so the Isle of Armour is great! I still like the map and I love the little customization features. But overall the Isle of Armour is also pretty good!

Of course, you don’t have to agree with everything I said, but I feel like the Crown Tundra and the Isle of Armor really helped Sword and Shield become more enjoyable. I feel like they should’ve been with the original game but I’m still happy with what we got.