Everything to know before Election Day 2020

All the info you will need going into November Third.


Election Day is sneaking up on America this year, and as millions take to the polls to cast their ballots, there is a lot of info to take in. This heated race between democrats and republicans is one of historic nature, and I have everything you need to know leading up to election day, Including a surprise in our Home State of Texas.

The Stakes

Republican Incumbent Donald Trump is seeking re-election to the presidency, while his opponent former Vice President under the Obama administration Joe Biden is looking to defeat him and give democrats control of the White House. Joe Biden’s Vice President candidate Kamala Harris would be the first Female, Black, and Indian person to hold the position, that would be of historic nature. For Donald Trump, he needs to keep the White House in order to keep his agenda and make sure the democrats do not eliminate his progression he made in Office.


Polling has Joe Biden up by about 9-11 percent nationally, but taking a look at the individual states it gets tighter. The States Donald Trump needs to win in order to secure the victory are still polling in Biden’s Favor though.  Looking back on the 2016 election Donald Trump won States that should have gone to the Democrats because Hillary Clinton neglected to campaign there. Those states were Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. This Election however, Biden Leads in all of those states, even if it is narrow. He also leads in Iowa (traditionally republican), Georgia (mostly republican), and Florida which is always a swing state and so unpredictable that polling almost does not even matter. Florida is important however because of the amount of Electoral Votes it holds with 29.

What about Texas?

Like California for the Democrats, Texas is usually a very safe republican state with a lot of Electoral votes. This election season has been so crazy and unpredictable that Texas is tied. Most recent polling has Biden ahead in Texas, bringing his overall average tied with Donald Trump. A state that has gone red for years is now a tossup state this election. What happened? The answer is simple, republicans are starting to turn on Donald Trump. The Lincoln Project (a republican group against trump) has influenced many republicans to vote against Trump. Many people also blame President Trump for the turmoil of the Coronavirus. If Texas, which is rapidly becoming more blue, becomes a democratic state, the republicans may have to face the sad truth that it is over for them. Texas, California, and New York alone combine for more than 1/3 of the electoral votes needed to win the election. If this is the case, the republican party may come to a downfall. Watch out for Texas this election.

The House and Senate

The Democrats already have control of the house, and have all signs pointing that way, more than 90 percent of scenarios have the Democrats keeping the house this election. The Senate however may become a 50/50 split this election, with three guaranteed republican senators losing their seats, and one democrat. Other seats like Texas, Alaska, Georgia, and even South Carolina all up for grabs. Polling shows the democrats completing a trifecta this election winning the presidency, house, and senate giving them full control.

My prediction

I am going to make my prediction based on polling and based on my personal feeling about this election. All of the states Donald Trump needs to win in order to win the election he is behind in. Michigan, Wisconsin, Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Iowa North Carolina, and even Texas are all either favored for Biden by a lot or Tied, all states Donald Trump won this past election. Even if he wins Florida, Ohio, Iowa, Texas, and Georgia which are all close, Biden would still carry the Victory if he won the other remaining tossups, but saying Trump will win all of those key states is a long shot. I see the Democrats winning a trifecta with the house, senate, and presidency. That is all you need to know about election day, but it is also very unpredictable, election analysis coming the day after the election.