Reviewing Unique Music Genres

Out of all the genres you may have heard of, many still remain unknown. I decided to listen to a few of them and report back to you.



There are countless genres in music, many of which people don’t know about! I decided to find 12 of those unknown genres and listen to them and give my honest opinion on them. I listened to 3 of each genre for good measure and you can listen to them too with this playlist: Playlist HERE

Glitch Hop

I don’t know why but the name sounds weird and cool at the same time?

So I’m guessing Glitch Hop is more of a dance genre. It has a lot of beats and is very electronic. It’s a genre I’d listen to when I’m bored but probably not every day. I don’t know why this is an underground genre because I feel like a lot of people listen to these types of songs. It’s not really a type of song I would enjoy as much as others would.

Black MIDI

The reason the genre is named Black MIDI is that the beats make the screen look like a mess of black and colorful tiles.

I’m wondering how would someone play this on an actual piano? It sounds like a soundtrack for a video game and it’s pretty cool. I think I’d listen to these types of songs often. Also, the whole video is also very colorful!


I actually know this genre quite well. I really enjoy it and I didn’t know that it wasn’t that popular!

Something I’ve always liked about vaporware is how calming and how chill it is. You can easily put it on in the background of doing work and it feels nice!


I’ve never actually watched the Simpsons but I thought it would really cool to check this genre out anyway.

I think that Simpsonwave is like Vaporwave but the video also has the Simpsons in it. Overall, I’d listen to it again!

Hypnagogic Pop

I am not sure at all what the genre could be by name, I only understood the pop part. Anyways, let’s give it a listen!

It really sounds like the backtracks for songs. I think that it’s really cool and it has good beats. Overall I’d listen to this genre again.

Cute Metal

I wonder if the title is self-explanatory? I really like Bubblegum Pop songs and sometimes metal so this genre will be right for me.

I like it a lot! It sounds like the rock songs I would normally listen to and I would probably listen these the songs again!

Horror Country

I’m kind of worried by the thumbnails of these videos but I’ll just give it a shot.

These sound like normal country songs but with dark lyrics. The beats are pretty cool though so I’ll give them that.  Maybe I’d listen to these again.


When I first saw the title I really got confused. I need to see if I  get an explanation of why this genre is named Lowercase.

This kind of music gives me a super fancy party vibe. Like, you would just walk into a fancy party and these songs would be playing. I wouldn’t listen to these over and over again but they’re pretty cool.


The name sounds cool already. I feel like it might be similar to lowercase?

Well, those were hard to find! But, they sound really cool! They really do sound like the soundtracks for spy movies.


Ok, the thumbnails look kind of creepy. Is that why the genre is named Blackgaze?

So it seems like a kind of rock, which I don’t listen to that much. The only kind of rock I listen to is Dreamcatcher’s songs and they’re pretty different than these songs especially ‘Snow Colors’.


Are these the kinds of songs we listen to for Science and History? If it is then we listen to this genre every day!

I didn’t expect for there to be a rap! These songs seem to be normal songs we would listen to in a day but with complex words and lyrics. It sounds pretty different from the songs we listen to in class though.

Bubble Trance

Just by hearing Bubble in the name of the genre, I think that it might just be trance but with a sweeter tone.

It sounds pretty cool! I think that it’s more of a party genre. Sadly, I could only find one legitimate song but I still understand what the genre is supposed to be.



I actually didn’t think that there would be so many genres that people may not have heard of! These are only 12 of all the other possible unheard genres out there. This makes me wonder what other kinds of music there are outside of the regular pop, rap, country, etc.