Election results

The results of the 2020 House, Senate, Governor, and Presidential elections


It is official, the ballots have been cast, and after days of counting them we have our new P.O.T.U.S, Joseph R. Biden. It was a long and stressful election for many Americans, but it is finally over, and a lot of people are happy. The Democrats flipped 2016 Trump states such as Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and most likely Georgia (results still pending).Although the Republican party is trying to fight back which I will go through and explain. Along with the results of the Senate, House, and Governors races.

Republicans are pushing back

Republican officials, including the current President Donald Trump are pushing back on the results of the election. Although no evidence has been admitted they are claiming to have seen fraud, cheating, and unelidable voting during the election. They have already filed lawsuits in several states and so far have not won any of them. They will be pushing to file more though according to Trump advisory Rudy Giuliani said. Although this far into the election on top of the margin of victory for Joe Biden, I doubt it will change the outcome of the election.

Results of the Other Elections

Regarding the other elections things turned out differently then I had thought. While the Democrats kept the house, they have not won the Senate…yet. There are still some seats up for grabs including two in Georgia which have gone to run-offs to be done in January. They will decide the Senate. If both houses are won by the Democrats there will be a 50-50 split. With the Vice President being the tiebreaker giving control of the Senate to the Democrats. The Governors races which I did not mention in my election coverage article, they went how I expected them to. The Republicans kept control with ease, it is as simple as that.

It is finally over

Now that the election is finally over (Senate still pending) there is not a lot left to say. Joe Biden still has to pick his cabinet and be sworn in on January 21st. Now we will have to wait for mid-term elections in two years where hopefully another Canyon Echoes writer can bring you results of that. Do not completely become out of loop because there may still be things to come. Keep reading our articles!