How Will Basketball Games Work This Year?

Coach Govea answers all questions about basketball games during the pandemic



This pandemic has changed everything in ways we’ve never seen before. Since basketball will still be going on during the age of COVID, I decided to ask Coach Govea on how this year’s basketball games would adapt to the changes this season.

Q: How are this year’s games going to work with the Covid?

A: The games are normal except this year, the players may wear a mask if they choose to.  Teams will not shake hands after the game. Instead, they will stand and wave at the other team to tell them ‘good game!’

Q: Will the players be able to social distance on the court and will they get a temperature check before playing?

A: Basketball is a hard sport to practice social distancing.  It’s hard to play defense on someone if you are 6 feet away from them!  Yes, the players take their own temperatures and answer COVID-19 screening questions every day before they may attend practice or games.

Q: Will the players have to wear a mask or face shield on the court?

A: The players may wear a mask on while they play if they choose. It is not required. It is required to wear a mask while sitting on the bench.

Q: What are your hopes for the team this year?

A: My hopes for the players this year is to have fun, stay safe, and learn more about the sport of basketball. Winning games is an extra bonus!

Q: How will there be an audience?

A: The bleachers are marked with “DO NOT SIT HERE” spots to help with social distancing and the number of people is limited to 236 in our gym.  That is less than 50% capacity for our bleachers.


Thanks for the interview Coach Govea!

I think the measures the school is taking to keep the basketball games safe is great! It’s awesome that we can still have basketball games even though there is a pandemic. Let’s hope that the pandemic can end soon and everything can go back to normal.