The NFL Divisional round, My Thoughts, Predictions and more

With the season almost coming to a close, I give my thoughts and predictions on the 2021 NFL divisional round


I have watched football my whole life, especially the NFL, and I can say with complete certainty that this years Divisional round will be one for the ages. In a year that has been nothing but tragedy after tragedy the NFL playoffs bring us excitement and anticipation. With the year wrapping up on a very unforgettable season only  8 teams remain in the race for the all famous “Super Bowl” title. I will be going through each game and give my overview, bold predictions, as well as my picks as to who will win.

Rams Vs Packers

Game Details: Saturday 1/16, 3:35 pm, Green bay, Wisconsin, on Fox

Overview: The NFL’s top defense versus the NFL’s top offense, it should be a matchup we won’t forget. When the 10-6 Rams visit the 13-3 Packers on Saturday for the first matchup of the weekend it will be wild. The Number one rated cornerback against the number rated wide receiver in Jalen Ramsey and Davante Adams. This truly is a matchup of defense vs offense. Although the Rams QB situation is questionable, with Jared Goff still fresh off of a finger surgery, and John Wolford being knocked out of all play with a neck injury, the Rams offense will have to rely on the run to win. Lucky for them they have a proven running back in Cam Akers who is already having a great playoffs. The Packers however have the best offense in the league with QB Aaron Rogers, RB Arron Jones, and superstar WR Davante Adams, the rams have their hands full. The packers defense (especially the run) is not their strong suit. It should be a very balanced matchup, and frankly either could win.

Bold Prediction: Cam Akers is going to have 150 yards rushing and 2 TDs. Like I said before, the packers run defense is not very good, and the rams need to run the ball with Jared Goff being limited. I think the Rams will lean on Akers to have a monster game in order to win, and Akers delivers.

My Prediction: Rams: 24  Packers: 20  Behind Jalen Ramsey and Star DT Arron Donald the Rams defense holds against the packers offense, and using Cam Akers, the Rams win in a close one.


Ravens Vs Bills

Game Details: Saturday 1/16, 7:15 pm, Buffalo, New York, on NBC

Overview: These two teams are both very balanced. They both have a good offense and defense. Reigning MVP Lamar Jackson against new star QB Josh Allen on the bills, this is another promising matchup, and one I think will only be decided by three points or less. Star Wideout Stefon Diggs is known to preform in the Playoffs, and with his QB behind him, Buffalo will be sure to have a monster day on offense. So will the Ravens however. The last 7 weeks Lamar Jackson has been playing his best football of his career. No other QB in the league is topping him. Rookie JK Dobbins is also playing his best football at running back which is why I think the Ravens also come out to play. I think this is going to come to whoever can play defense the best which will be hard, and why I think it is going to be an extremely close one.

Bold prediction: The Bills defense is going to produce 2+ turnovers. This is going to come down to defense, and the Buffalo defense is slightly better than the Ravens. I think that the bills do just well enough to force some turnovers and keep Lamar Jackson off the field. The ravens have turned the ball over a lot in stressful situations and I think the Bills pick off Lamar Jackson and force at least one fumble.

My Prediction: Ravens 33  Bills 35  The bills force enough turnovers to get the last possession of the game, and Josh Allen leads the Bills to the AFC championship, and a chance at the Super Bowl. Although both offenses shined, the buffalo defense did just enough to pull this one out in the tightest fashion.


Browns Vs Chiefs

Game Details: Sunday 1/17, 2:05 pm, Kansas City, Missouri, on CBS

Overview: The best team in the NFL in the Chiefs take on the surprisingly good Browns team who were 0-16 just three years ago. Although many have this as a very easy win for the Chiefs, do not sleep on the browns, I think they will give the Chiefs a run for their money. Patrick Mahomes and his Chiefs are coming in as the team with the most wins in the NFL with 14. They are arguably the best team in the NFL as well. The three headed monster of Travis Kelce, Tyreek Hill, and Mahomes will certainly be a problem for the Browns, and the question is if the browns can match it with an offensive outing for themselves. Both defenses are middle of the road, which means the Browns have to use their monster running back duo in Kareem Hunt, and Nick Chubb in order to win. This will be a battle of the offenses, and one Browns fans will be anxious to watch.

Bold Prediction: The browns will get out to a 14-0 lead, and blow it. Kansas City is notorious for starting the game giving the other team a big lead. They even did in the Super Bowl last year, which they won. The thing is, they always come back from them to win. I think this is exactly what happens on Sunday. The Browns will rely n their two running backs to get up early, but their defense will not hold.

My Prediction: Browns 28   Chiefs 35   I think the Browns will get out to a good start, but will not be able to match what the Chiefs do the rest of the game. They will make it close, but in the end the Chiefs offense leads them to their second straight AFC championship appearance.


Buccaneers Vs Saints

Game Details: Sunday 1/17, 5:40 pm, New Orleans Louisiana, on Fox

Overview: I have personal stake in this game as a true saints fan from birth, but I will try to remain as unbias as I can. Two of the NFL’s greatest QBs of all time are squaring off for the third time this season, the saints winning both previous matchups.  Brees Vs Brady 2021 will be the first and last time that these two legendary Qbs meet in the playoffs and it should be a good one. The Saints did win the other two matchups with little trouble, but this Buccaneers team is on a hot streak. Since their bye week the Buccaneers are on fire, being one of the NFL’s top offenses, and have an elite run defense. Their trio of monster Wide receivers in Chris Goodwin, Mike Evans, and Antonio Brown should be a matchup nightmare for the saints. The Saints Offense has been very solid too, ending the season with 55 (Behind star running back Alvin Kamara’s record tying 6 td’s) points in week 16 and 33 in week 17. Lead by Drew Brees, Alvin Kamara, and Star Michael Thomas the offense should be have a good game. The saints defense is elite as well. They are ranked 4th overall, and behind stars such as Cameron, Jordan, Trey Hendrickson, and Marshon Lattimore, the Saints have the talent to stop the Buccaneers red hot offense.

Bold Prediction: Tom Brady will throw 2 interceptions. In the regular season, in just two game, the saints picked off Brady 5 times, and I think they cash in another two on Sunday.

My prediction: Buccaneers 17  Saints 30  It is hard to not sound bias as a saints fan, but I think the first two matchups are a good indication as to who will win the game. It will be close for 3 quarters, but then the Saints defense will pull it out, and with a late touchdown, the saints seal the victory, and head back to the NFC championship for the first time since 2018.