The Fall of Battle Royale

What happened to this genre that was thought to be the next big thing?


What happened to Battle Royale? Sure, Fortnite and Warzone may still be huge, but what happened to the lesser known games, such as HyperScape and Realm Royale? How did these games fail? That’s what I want to tackle with this article, and with other ones in the future. Here is the fall of Battle Royale games.

If we need to see how a game failed, first we need to see how a game succeeded. Let’s take the arguably biggest Battle Royale game, Fortnite, and see how it grew to where it is today. Fortnite was originally supposed to just be Player vs. Environment (Players would fight AI) and there wouldn’t be a Battle Royale mode. But then, Player Unknown Battlegrounds launched. PUBG took the world by storm, so Epic Games (the developers of Fortnite) decided to hastily scramble up a Battle Royale mode in 2 months.

That’s how Fortnite came to be, but how did it succeed? That’s actually a really easy question to answer. It succeeded because of good player retention. What’s player retention? It’s how many players play your game AND keep playing the game. Fortnite is popular because they had new items and updates frequently, something smaller games such as HyperScape and Realm Royale can’t do as they do not have the resources.

I believe the reason games such as Realm Royale failed is because of a lack of updates. Battle Royale is one of the most repetitive game genres, so you need updates often or the player base will quit. Realm Royale might have been the funnest game ever, but if you are going without any new content for ages, it’s just not fun anymore.

The Battle Royale genre is one that is fun, for a time. I honestly hope more Battle Royale games can succeed, but it requires a big team to make work.

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