The Confusion Around Pit Bulls

The truth about the most hated on dog breed


Pit bulls are one of the most hated dogs in the country, they are known for their powerful bites, and fierce aggression, but what if both of those things were extremely overexaggerated.  Although you may have heard that they are one of the most dangerous dogs in the world, and have been banned from many places around America, but they do not deserve it. In fact pit bulls are one of the sweetest and most loyal dog breeds in the world. If you are someone who as been misled about pit bulls, by the end of this article you will change your mind. Here are some reasons why pit bulls are one of the best dog breeds.

They are naturally born nannies

Some adults would not dare to trust a dog that looks like a pit bull around their children, but they were actually bred, and then brought to America from overseas to take care of children while the adults worked. Being a caretaker to children is in their instincts. They are very sweet and amazing watch dogs, I should know, my dog is a pit bull, and he does not let me out of his sight sometimes. Pit bulls are great for an extra pair of eyes around the house, and would probably die for their child.

Pit bulls are one of the most tolerant dog breeds

Although pit bulls are portrayed as one of the least tolerant, and most aggressive dog breeds, it is actually the opposite. They are actually the second most tolerant and least aggressive breeds in the entire world. Their first instinct it not to bite if they feel a little threatened or scared, the mostly want to avoid confrontation. The bad rap they have comes from the terrible people who bred them to fight each other for gambling purposes, and even aggressive ones should never be given up on. Any dog can be trained, they just need to be shown the right amount of love and affection that all dogs deserve. Pit bulls would die for their family which makes them great house dogs. They are not the mean, aggressive dog some think they are.

If you have not been convinced that pit bulls are sweet, gentle creatures, like I know they are, then I am not sure what to do. Being a person who has a pit bull I know first hand the joys that they bring people. I hope this article changed your opinion because the next time you see a pit bull I want you to be excited, and not scared.