Are We Finally (Almost) Done With Covid-19?

With vaccines and lighter guidelines, are we finally (almost) done with Covid-19?


So, the pandemic  has been going on over a year now, and it looks like we might be approaching the end. Covid-19 has wrecked society and the world as a whole, but we might be done with it sooner than later. If Covid is coming to a close however, we have to be careful as there are still some concerns about Covid.

The Vaccines

Covid-19 vaccines have become widely available, with teens now being able to get them, and a 4 year old in New York receiving one in a trial run, which could open up vaccines for everyone. Texas has reported zero Covid-19 related deaths for the first time in months, and many states are reporting the same. Of course, Covid could always come back. We’ve seen it happen in the past year, but this time we have vaccines which is a key difference. In the past, Covid spikes happened after big holidays/gatherings, but now with vaccines, that could change. Potentially, we could be back to normal by this summer, if everything goes well.

The Other Issue

There is something else to be worried about however, as India is getting hammered by Covid-19. This new strain from India could potentially cause a huge Covid spike, which could wreck the U.S. when it is just starting to open up again. Hopefully, the vaccines will prevent that, but we should still be careful. Another worry is that the Covid shots could wear off in a year, like flu shots, which would be tough, but still doable.


If you are not vaccinated, keep wearing a mask, and be careful. Covid-19 is still a threat, and it can still affect you. Vaccines are available for most teens, and you can get yours to help us get back to normal. Have any thing to say? Leave it in the comments. Or don’t. See you again this week for the final article!