An Interview with Mrs. Kobren, our Newest Science Teacher

Mrs. Kobren is a science teacher who recently became a mustang


Mrs. Kobren, our new seventh grade science teacher.

Mrs. Kobren recently joined the Canyon Vista Middle School staff as a 7th grade science teacher. She has taught for 25 years, but this is her first year teaching at CVMS. Read this interview to find out more about her!

Q. What inspired you to teach science?

Mrs. Kobren: I have always been an animal lover and loved science, so it was just natural to love science.

Q. Where did you grow up?

Mrs. Kobren: Dayton, Ohio

Q. What is your favorite part of teaching at Canyon Vista?

Mrs. Kobren: The kids for sure.

Q. What do you like to do in your free time?

Mrs. Kobren: I love to read and hike, and watch live music.

Q. What is your favorite band/musical group

Mrs. Kobren: That’s hard to say, I like a lot of different bands, But I would say Blink 182.

Q. Where did you teach, before teaching at CVMS?

Mrs. Kobren: I taught at Lake Travis ISD at Hudson Bend Middle School

Q. Did you have any doubts about teaching at CVMS at first?

Mrs. Kobren: No, not really.

Q. Where did you go to college?

Mrs. Kobren: I went to Butler University.