Interview With Ms. Chase

Ms. Chase is a sixth grade ELA teacher, and new to our CVMS family. I sat down with her, and asked her a couple questions to help get to know her!

  • What made you want to become a teacher?- “My first job was tutoring kids, and I knew I loved teaching. I officially decided to be a teacher when I moved to France, and started teaching English there.”
  •  What drew you to Language Arts specifically?- “I love to read, and it’s truly a gift to help people learn how to enjoy books.  I love writing as well, and I think writing can help so much when it comes to figuring out feelings, and what you’re thinking. Being a lifelong reader and writer  really improves your life.
  • Have you taught any other subjects?- “Yes, I taught history for a while, in New York I taught Humanities, I taught math at a high school level, and psychology while in France. English is my favorite subject to teach.”
  • What’s your favorite thing about teaching?- “This year more than ever, I love  just being in a room with students, being able to talk to students about reading, and enjoy their spontaneity.”
  • Where were you prior to teaching at CVMS?-  “ I was in New York City, teaching at a middle school. I lived in New York for 7 years.
  • How are you enjoying being at CVMS so far?- “I love it so far!. Everyone was so welcoming when I started back in August. I see why teachers stay here for a long time! And the students are wonderful. There’s so much light here, I understand why people were excited to be back.
  •  What’s your favorite book?-  “ That’s hard, but if pressed, the Harry Potter series is probably my all time favorite. I also love anything by Jane Austen!”