Is It Time to Get Rid of Lockers?

What Is The Current Opinion On Lockers?

Lockers are an integral part of the middle school image. In all the time you will spend in school or even university, CVMS will be the only place where you have a locker. Before Covid-19 it was a requirement to have a locker, and you couldn’t take your backpack to class(due to tripping hazards). In the age of Coronavirus, lockers have no longer made a requirement, and you can get by without one. The locker requirement was dropped so students wouldn’t crowd around lockers and risk getting Coronavirus. Still, many students have different opinions on lockers. Seventh-grader, Ivan Schere disagrees with the idea of lockers. “Lockers are useless and outdated, backpacks are portable lockers and are much more efficient,” Schere said. The majority of middle-schoolers are against lockers, but some support the idea. “I like lockers because they provide space and room for items you don’t want to carry around,” said 7th grader Arihant Ujjwwal. While a  majority of middle-schoolers may not agree with a locker requirement, it is a split issue nonetheless.

Lockers in Finland. (Picasa)

Lockers have no longer been required and many seem to get along fine without them. While I was in the hallway I was looking at the lockers. Out of 28 lockers, 17 were unowned. That is a whopping 60.7%. Of course, this data was collected at a small scale, and a study conducted on a larger scale may have different results. Nobody knows whether Canyon Vista will reinstate its locker requirement after the pandemic ceases. Although there are many opinions on this subject, it seems as if many hope CVMS continues to make having a locker a choice.