How to PROPERLY Wear a Mask

Around the school, many people have not been wearing their mask properly, so this article has been dedicated to them.


First of all, what mask should you wear? Researchers have found that cloth masks are the least effective in terms of stopping the spread of COVID. Surgical masks protect you somewhat, but they are limited. The KN95 mask has been found to be the most effective mask of them all, protecting you and the outside world. So if possible, wear the KN95.

How to Wear a Mask (Properly)

People have been wearing their masks below their noses or chin. This is completely wrong as it defeats the purpose of wearing a mask in the first place. The proper way to wear a mask is above the nose, covering your nose and mouth. Covering your eyes is not right either, you can’t see.

Wearing a mask properly at this time is crucial for the community. There have been more cases than ever before and the school is also being hit hard by it. Wear two masks if possible. Stay socially distant. Wear a mask for as long as possible.  A mask has been proven to be the most effective tool in the fight against COVID. If we want this pandemic to end, we must take action now. Get vaccinated! Get your booster if you are eligible! Stay safe! The longer we wear a mask now, the longer we can go without wearing a mask ever.