Do video games cause violence?

Do video games cause violence?


The age-old debate of video games causing violence has roaming around for decades. But is it true?

Since the first violent video games such as Mortal Kombat or even the original Grand Theft Auto came out, parents and other gamers have been wondering if video games cause violence. But is this true?

First of all, to begin this article I had to go research. So I headed to, a private philanthropic organization dedicated to researching the brain. Dana says that video games and violence have little connection. But is this true? A paper published in Perspectives on Psychological Science stated that “all of the meta/analyses do in fact point to the conclusion that, in the vast majority of settings, violent video games do increase aggressive behavior but that these effects are almost always quite small.” I decided to go to another source to compare answers. The American Psychological Association states that playing violent video games increases a person’s aggression.  One study had 227 college students report their delinquency, and it found that those who played more violent video games engaged in more aggressive behavior. These two opinions are quite different, so which one is right?

It really depends on your opinion. Children playing violent video games is quite a bad idea, as it may desensitize your child to violence. But in my opinion, video games are not the problem. I have played a few violent video games but I couldn’t imagine hurting anyone. What do you think?